Arlington Sunset – May 12, 2015


The first of I hope many new photos was sent in by Arlington resident Cathy Hirsch. Cathy’s name has been added to the community photo contributors and is linked to a Picasa album featuring other pics she sent in today. Many thanks to Cathy, who I hope is the first of many residents sharing their photos.

Cathy Hirsch Photos

Animated Holiday Display

Arlington Holiday DisplaysThe Arlington neighborhood in Stone Creek appears to have the only animated holiday display. Although small in size, the display does feature a continuous flow of holiday music and is quite ornate. On your evening ventures throughout the community, be sure to visit Arlington and check out this cute little display. If you cannot visit in person, here’s a link to a short video.

Arlington Holiday Display

Clarification: This photo is not the referred animated display. The actual display is located on the western side of Arlington.