Arlington Sunset – May 12, 2015


The first of I hope many new photos was sent in by Arlington resident Cathy Hirsch. Cathy’s name has been added to the community photo contributors and is linked to a Picasa album featuring other pics she sent in today. Many thanks to Cathy, who I hope is the first of many residents sharing their photos.

Cathy Hirsch Photos

Stone Creek Photos Web Site has Returned

A few weeks ago, the Stone Creek Community Association allowed the return of Stone Creek Photos, a website that featured thousands of pictures taken within the community and the Ocala, Florida area. The original website, activated in 2009, grew to over 200 pages featuring albums of most everything of interest. The website, now, has been consolidated down to a fraction of its beginnings but will contain nearly all original content.

As most of you know, I am no longer a resident of Stone Creek. In order for the website to maintain itself with new content, it is up to current residents of the community to share their photos. Regardless of the quality or quantity, everyone is welcome to add to the many memories shown on the website by sending photos directly to me. I will be most happy to add them to the website.

This blog has featured “Flashback” photos from the original website during the past couple of years. Until new photos are submitted, Flashbacks will now be featured on Stone Creek Photos and the blog will revert back to new photos and write-ups as they occur. As a matter of note, most previous posts on this blog that had linked items no longer work. For the tech minded this is due to server changes since I departed Ocala.

Thank you again to the Association for allowing Stone Creek Photos to be part of the portal for all to access. And again, all residents are encouraged to share their memories for all to enjoy.

Stone Creek Photos

Contact Information: Tim Jacques – – 352-229-3371