Ladies Nine Hole Golf Around – Brrrrrrrrrrr

Ladies Nine Hole Golf Around - 2013Ear muffs, multiple layers of clothing and most all participants shivering in their britches was the highlight in this year’s Ladies Nine Hole Golf Around. Despite the uncomfortable conditions, Stone Creek did it again, putting together another fabulous event. Great camaraderie was prevalent amongst all visiting clubs and it was quite apparent that everyone had a grand time.

Ladies Nine Hole Golf Around – 2013


2 thoughts on “Ladies Nine Hole Golf Around – Brrrrrrrrrrr

  1. Hi Tim! I’m really impressed in two ways: You got a lot of photos of this event, and your photos are excellent! It may have been cold, but the light was great and you took great advantage of it.

    Maybe it was because you were photographing women? Oui?

    Looks like a great time was had by all. I’m sure you got a good response from everyone involved. I also liked the shot of your bright yellow cart!

  2. Wow! I can’t believe how many great photos were taken by Stone Creek’s official photographer and resident – Tim. He was there from the early morning hours to the bitter end. A fun day, thanks to the many volunteers.

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