Stone Creek by Gerry McCann & Doris Carter

Those of us who have been residents of Stone Creek from the early years (2006-2008) are well aware of the many photos taken by Gerry McCann and Doris Carter, both from the Sebastian neighborhood . Gerry and Doris have consistently contributed to our photo journal for all to see the beginnings of this great community and its growth over the years.

Published on June 8, 2012, I’m very happy to announce Gerry McCann has compiled a great series of photos (252 total) of our community. Gerry has given us old timers but especially those who have recently arrived or are about to close on new homes, a great photo over-view of Stone Creek as it appears in June 2012.

Thank you Gerry for this wonderful collection of photos. They are a great addition to our history and down the road a few years, will trigger many great memories. And Doris, your photo collections of the many events Stone Creek has had are all treasures. I thank you both and undoubtedly, many others are grateful for your collective efforts.

Stone Creek – June 2012  by Gerry McCann

Stone Creek Events – 2006 to 2012

Stone Creek Photos


2 thoughts on “Stone Creek by Gerry McCann & Doris Carter

  1. When we were living in Ohio, just waiting for the opportunity to retire and move to Stone Creek, we were always looking for the next set of photos, showing the latest events and changes. Thank you for keeping up the tradition and effort. I’m sure it’s appreciated by many. ,

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