Culinary Arts Club

As they have done in the past, The Stone Creek Culinary Arts Club took over Reflection Bay’s Reunion Center kitchen for two nights and had a grand time preparing some of Louisiana’s inspired fare. First, new member Connie Pearl had the club participate as she demonstrated the preparation of Craw-fish Dip. Looks like a tasty dish, for sure. Saturday evening the club adorned themselves with typical Mardi Gras attire and enjoyed a meal fit for a “King & Queen”.

The Menu

Corn and crab bisque
Crab stuffed mushrooms
New Orleans BBQ shrimp with homemade French Bread
Red beans and rice
Chicken and sausage jambalaya
Creole bread pudding with whiskey sauce
King cake

Many thanks to Larry Handley for memorializing this hearty event with his photos. Click on the links below to view all photos.

Craw-fish Dip Demo                Mardi Gras Meal

Stone Creek Photos


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