If you closed your eyes…

Playing to a near packed auditorium at Stone Creek’s Reunion Center, Denny Diamond & The Family Jewels, a tribute band (trio), performing songs made famous by Neil Diamond, wowed our appreciative audience with two hours of fabulous renditions of original music. “The Family Jewels”, by the way, are Denny’s sons. Really, if you closed your eyes and just listened to Denny sing, you would have thought Neil Diamond was in the room. Denny Diamond’s voice has an uncanny resemblance that is simply amazing.

Also amazing was the instrumentation of the youngest son, Spencer. If you were told a single person could play a bass guitar with one hand, drums with the other and sing…all at the same time, you probably wouldn’t believe it. Well…believe it. The other son, Lucas, played rhythm guitar and also sang backup to his Dad.

This evening’s event was one of the best we’ve had at Stone Creek and we thank those responsible for arranging to have this fine group of musicians entertain here in Stone Creek.

Stone Creek Photos          Photos: The Valentine’s Day Denny Diamond Show by Doris Carter


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