Purple Belt Test

Stone Creek’s Karate Class, taught by Art Stalbow, participated in a series of qualifying movements to determine their qualification for the Purple Belt. Art guided the class through each technique in the one hour test, resulting in nearly every Green Belt student being elevated to Purple. This was the very first Purple Belt classification test to be held at Stone Creek.

Purple Belt Test Videos

Stone Creek Community Videos

Stone Creek Photos


5 thoughts on “Purple Belt Test

  1. Well, my friend, you’ve been busy these past few weeks! Great bunch of holiday photos and videos! I hope there is some kind of “vault” here at Stone Creek where these things are being preserved for future generations.

    • Yeah, and as you know, I’m still trying to get this room project finished and a million other things done at the same time. But, it’s not about me, is it? It’s about preserving all the wonderful happenings around our community, for all to enjoy for years to come. At least that’s my intention. As long as Google stays intact, the tens of thousands of photos I’ve taken will be around forever. When I get ready to bite the dust though, I’ll need someone to step up to the plate and assume responsibility for the website and this blog. I’m confident there will be a willing soul out there to fill that need.

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