Holiday Sing-along

Stone Creek residents came together this evening to help celebrate the season with a Holiday Sing-along and Bake Sale. Our very own community Glee Club prepared 28 selections of seasonal favorites to which everyone was encouraged to join in. A few of the featured songs were recorded and can be listened to on the Stone Creek Community Video site.

Holiday Sing-along Videos

Stone Creek Community Videos

Stone Creek Photos


4 thoughts on “Holiday Sing-along

  1. These are priceless videos, Tim. Thank you so much for the time, patience, and effort involved in filming and posting all of this. The Stone Creek Glee Club is magnificent, and the Senior Moments Band is excellent, too. I love the Glee Club Theme Song… but most of all…I enjoyed the Twelve Days of Christmas! Great fun!

    Thank you, Stone Creek Glee Club and Senior Moments Band!

  2. Thanks to all for sharing your talents and bringing us Christmas joy! I missed the performance but so enjoyed watching the videos. I’ll be sure to put this on my calendar next year!

  3. Dear Tim,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to film and post what we hope will be the first of many Glee Club Holiday Sing-Alongs. We had lots of fun and enjoyed doing it.
    Happy Holidays to all, Rita & Larry Singer

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