The Good Company Trio

Only a handful of residents came to the Reflection Bay Reunion Center today to enjoy the fantastic sounds of The Good Company Trio. Other than the drummer, these talented musicians are from Stone Creek and have come together to present both holiday favorites and great old standards that are familiar to all. The group will return to the reunion center on December 19 for a repeat performance. Call the front desk for the start time.

A number of recordings were made and can be heard on Stone Creek Community Videos site.

Please, everyone is encouraged to take time out from your “busy” schedules to come enjoy the instrumental stylings of this great group of musicians.


The Good Company Trio Videos

Stone Creek Community Videos

Stone Creek Photos


2 thoughts on “The Good Company Trio

  1. Thank you, Tim, for the great musical videos! We recognize one of the talented people…Jim… from our very own subdivision, Santa Fe. In fact, Lowell saw him with the bass one day this week. Thanks for the “heads up” for December 19. Gifted singers and musicians…all of them!!

    Lois & Lowell

    • You are most welcome Lois & Lowell. I was hoping more than one announcement would be made about this event. Maybe next time we will have a crowd. BTW…glad you’re enjoying the office chair. It’s fit for a king.

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