The Garden Club’s “Picnic for the Park”

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Kudos to Stone Creek’s Garden Club for the grand community event they sponsored today at the Reunion Center. With the theme of “Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow”, today’s well attended gathering welcomed the Garden Club’s announcement and ground breaking ceremony for Stone Creek’s Reflection Garden, which will be located directly behind the Reunion Center. In addition to the primary festivities, a wonderful “picnic” luncheon was laid out for all to enjoy, including a colorful display of tasty desserts.

Many thanks to everyone in the Garden Club for an exceptionally exquisite and memorable day. The community looks forward to the beautifully designed garden and no doubt will enjoy its visual delights for years to come.

All event photos


3 thoughts on “The Garden Club’s “Picnic for the Park”

  1. Reflection Garden is an awesome project! Thanks for the photos that tell the story so beautifully. A picture really is worth a thousand words sometimes. Thank you, Garden Club…and thank you, Tim.

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