Ocala’s Colorful Square

There’s no doubt, Stone Creek resident’s have walked or at least driven around Ocala’s Downtown Square since their arrival to the area, so most everyone here is familiar with its appeal. But for our family and friends throughout, they have not had the opportunity to see part of what makes Ocala so unique. Horses and in this case, the most colorful horses you’ve ever seen.

These few photos were taken during a brief trip downtown to have a late lunch at Harry’s, a popular restaurant on the square with a menu with a Cajun flare. Out-of-townees should make sure to visit. There are many more eateries and interesting shops in our little downtown, making it an enjoyable time for all.

Ocala’s Colorful Square

Stone Creek Photos


6 thoughts on “Ocala’s Colorful Square

  1. I always enjoy your photos, Tim. Looks like a fine day for taking pictures, too. I love the artist’s paintings on the horses…so unusual and so unique.

    • I consider my renderings rather mundane compared to those taken by your better half. But thank you Lois…you are always so sweet with your comments. Yes, the painted over-lays are stories themselves, all adding to the history and composite of our city.

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