Lake Sumter Landing Photo Shoot

The weather didn’t cooperate the way we planned for a scheduled photo shoot in The Villages. Nevertheless, while our wives, Lois and Sue, were engaged in their own endeavor, Lowell Anderson and I, under the cover of WVLG 640 AM, Voice of the Villages, stayed dry and were able to get a few dreary photos from around the Lake Sumter Landing area. There will be another day.


Stone Creek Photos



4 thoughts on “Lake Sumter Landing Photo Shoot

  1. Well, it was indeed kinda dreary, but we had a good time and you got some good shots! I didn’t see the one about the unruly children used for bait. I like that idea. How’s about unruly wives? Never mind. You don’t want to answer that. We’ll go back when the sun is shining.

    A few comments have come in re: Scary Tim. I don’t think anyone was very scared, though. Maybe it was the camera. How can a man carrying a camera be scary?

    Hope you’re having a good day.

    • Yes we did…have a good time, that is. And I look forward to another trip with more agreeable skies. Our day is going good. Returned from Shands and had a “Chili’s” lunch.

  2. Wow, Tim…I have never ever seen the town square so vacant. Usually it is “humming” with people and golf carts. My favorite shots are the ones of the windows. You captured some lovely colors and reflections. Very fine photos. I look forward to another trip with you and Sue…and more photo opportunities. Thanks for the memories.

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