Memorial Day – 2011

It has been my extreme and heart-felt honor to have been asked, along with Martin Wallin, to memorialize through photos, the Stone Creek’s Veterans Group tribute to our fallen comrades and those currently fighting overseas. A grand and touching event with a large gathering of residents. Thank you all for your support.

Many thanks to Martin for the great additional photos.

Stone Creek Photos

Event photos

Event videos


6 thoughts on “Memorial Day – 2011

  1. Fantastic. Job well done. And thanks to all the Vets and to the participants to make this a great success.

    • Dave,

      I work with your son Kevin here at Sound Inc. Knowing that I’m a retired AF veteran he shared this information with me. It’s a great thing you’re doing there. Even though I’m not a direct beneficiary of your work, I’m always thrilled to see any veterans get recognition. I was on active duty during the Vietnam era and we weren’t treated so well then. Thank God for men like you all down there for turning it all around. Hope to meet you some day.

      Forest M Smith, MSgt, USAF, Retired

      • Thanks for the message. We have vets here from WWII through Vietnam. If you are ever coming this way, let us know. Kevin can give you the number.

  2. Hi Tim…

    You did it again! Very nice combination of photos that really captured well the spirit of the event…great colors, lots of variety…great job all around!

  3. Love the photos and video, Tim. You shared the solemn beauty of the event. Thank you for the time, effort, and dedication involved.

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