And the winner is….Table 30

Iceland, Warren Beatty, Mexico City, Anne Bancroft, Zaire…

These were just a few of the answers to 20 questions eloquently asked by Millie D’Aguanno at this year’s first gathering to Trivia Night. Tables of eight filled with snacks, spirits and always the camaraderie of friends trying to decide on a correct answer. As always, a great night of fun and excitement.

This Trivia Night event was sponsored by the Stone Creek Bunco Squad and most noteworthy, the proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society – Relay for Life.

Many thanks to Millie & Peter D’Aguanno, Sue & Dave Visby, Don Sidebottom and Fred & Judy Christianson who diligently compiled the scores for all to see on the “big screen”. A special thanks to all the “Runners” who gathered the answer sheets for the judges.

Thank you Bunco Squad for a grand evening.

Event photos

Stone Creek Photos


2 thoughts on “And the winner is….Table 30

  1. Fun to view a bit of Trivia Night through your
    “eyes,” Tim. So great to know a donation will be made to Relay for Life, too. Thanks for the posting.

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