Horses in the Sun

Another day trip and photo shoot with our dear friends Lowell and Lois Anderson took us to a great yearly event right here in the Ocala area. Called Horses in the Sun (HITS), the event began in January and ends later this month. Whether you are into horses or not, you can’t go wrong spending a couple of hours enjoying the beauty of equestrian competition.

Located at HITS Post Time Farm on Hwy 27 and lasting until March 20, is the fantastic world of horse show jumping. It’s difficult to comprehend how large an area it actually is. Numerous arenas arranged with an array of jump obstacles, each filled with horses and riders both young and old, dressed to the hilt in traditional riding attire. The photos taken today don’t give justice to the beauty and dedication you see throughout the event. A must see…for sure!

On the way back to Stone Creek, Lowell was aware of a farm that if you were lucky to drive by at the right time, had some more beautiful animals not common to the area. Zebra! Our final stop was at the Horse & Hounds Pub for a great lunch.

Horses in the Sun

Stone Creek Photos


4 thoughts on “Horses in the Sun

    • Thank you Lowell. Yes, it was a great day and we are most happy that we could share it with you and Lois. This particular day trip will be a sure repeat in the coming years.

  1. Impressive photos, Tim. I especially love the closeups of the horses. Beautiful creatures for sure, and you’ve done them justice!

    • This was the first opportunity I had to take closeups of horses. They are so magnificent with their stature and muscle tone. Great subjects to capture and pass on for all to enjoy. Thank you again Lois, for your kind words and for another memorable day.

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