Ladies Nine Hole Golf Around – 2011

Last year, Terry Guecia and Caroline Elder commented they couldn’t wait until the 2011 Golf Around. It finally arrived. This time the wind was a slight factor but otherwise the weather was perfect. Once again, there are many photos highlighting the pre-golf festivities, participants, and everyone having a grand time.

A special thank you to Debbie Meyer and Jonell Washburn for taking some fabulous photos at the Comfort Stations.

Ladies Nine Hole Golf Around – 2011

Ladies Nine Hole Golf Around – 2010


3 thoughts on “Ladies Nine Hole Golf Around – 2011

  1. Hey Tim…these are just great!!! You did very well…what a job! But you were up to it! I’m impressed. No wonder they keep asking you back. I thought you learned something in the Marine Corps, but nooooooooo…. Just kidding.

    Hope you are well rested today. See you soon! Hopefully, you can still lift a camera!

  2. Tim your pix of the Ladies Golf Around were just great. It brought back the wonderful day we had. Thanks for all your hard work and patience with us ladies. Terry

    • Thank you Terry for your kind words. Spending the day with all of you wonderful ladies was a joy and hopefully, I can capture next year’s event as well.

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