Del Webb – Stone Creek Model Homes Grand Opening

Today hundreds of Stone Creek residents and potential new home buyers converged on the new model home area in Stone Creek. Lots of pictures including a few from residents and close friends, Lowell and Lois Anne Anderson. A great turnout and the weather was perfect.

Event photos


6 thoughts on “Del Webb – Stone Creek Model Homes Grand Opening

  1. Hey Tim, great job! You really captured the sense of the event…and you got some super photos…I especially like the one of the white fence coming along the path from the sales center to the model home park…and I also appreciated the many portraits of individuals. So interesting. From your photos, I’d say it was a very successful event!

    The Pulte/Del Webb folks ought to give you a medal. Or maybe a few free meals at the Stone Creek Grille! I mean, you can’t eat a medal!

    • You are too kind Lowell but thank you all the same. As you rightly know, this kind of shoot is unpredictable due to the ever changing human mass. It quickly becomes redundant. But yes…very interesting day. Thanks again for your excellent input.

  2. Your photos express the beauty of the day and the experience. Thanks for sharing the “moments in time” with all of us. Very successful day and shoot!

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