Micanopy Photo Shoot

Sue and I, with our good friends Lois and Lowell from Santa Fe (not New Mexico), but right here in Stone Creek, went on a “half” day trip to Micanopy to check out all the antique shops and take advantage of the many photo opportunities that pop up on these type ventures. This quaint little town didn’t let us down. Anyone interested in antiques whether good or not so good, pricey or el cheap-o, take a couple hours and enjoy the many shops crammed with  all kinds of goodies.

Despite having to wait a little too long for our orders, lunch at the Blue Highway was a great ending to a great day.



4 thoughts on “Micanopy Photo Shoot

  1. My goodness, you are a really excellent photographer! Fantastic shots. I’ve got a few good ones, too, ’cause I was watching what you were doing. But if they were handing out trophies, you’d get first place!

    What a fun day! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Wow! You got some great shots, Tim and Sue. I am impressed. I especially like Sue’s “capture” of Tim in the last photo.

    It was a beautiful day, and the fellowship was superb. What a pleasure to spend time with you both.

    • Thank you Lois…you’re a sweetheart. There’s nothing greater than having close friends to share in life’s offerings. And today…was definitely a keeper in our treasure of memories.

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