The Winners!!

This afternoon, the Stone Creek Pet Photo Contest Results were announced at the event final, held at the Stone Creek Pavilion.

…and the Winners are:

Canine Category: 1st Place went to Precious, a Shih Tzu owned by Sandi Pritchard. 2nd Place resulted in a tie between BabyGirl Rosie & Irving/Arragon, Pugs owned by Nancy Ducharme and Molly & Missy, a pair of Bichon Frise owned by Marilyn and Carl Bruce.

Feline Category: 1st Place went to Rocky, a mix owned by Joyce Saladino. 2nd Place went to MistyCat, a Tabby belonging to Pamela Laux.

Exotic Category: 1st Place went to Skoochie, a Green Iguana, cared for by Elaine Muchler. 2nd Place was awarded to Buddy, a Pacific Parrotlet owned by Fran Saperstein.

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who submitted photos for the contest.

The turnout for today’s event final was a huge success and great fun with everyone getting to meet new residents, the many beautiful pets and of course, enjoying all-you-can-eat ice cream on a warm and breezy afternoon.

Once again, many thanks to everyone who participated in what we hope will be an annual event. In anticipation to next year’s event, if you have ideas or suggestions to help make it grow, please either include a comment to this blog post or email me directly.

Also, a special thanks to Renee Howerton and Pat Zadareky. They were responsible for spearheading this event and their contributions will be long remembered and used to initiate next year’s photo contest.

Stone Creek Pet Photo Contest Results


2 thoughts on “The Winners!!

  1. Let’s not forget Tim’s efforts in posting and organizing the photos on the Stone Creek Photos Website. Your event day photos are fabulous and this event wouldn’t have been a success without your enthusiam for all the pet lovers in the Stone Creek Community!
    Thanks, Tim and to everyone who participated!

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